Forgestone has built a team of experienced professionals with expertise in planning, development, income analytics, asset management and debt financing. The depth of team, coupled with the synergies of our distinct business lines, enables us to provide strategic solutions to complex challenges. The Forgestone management team has been uniquely assembled from a wide range of professional backgrounds. As a group, their experience covers all aspects of commercial real estate, involving key markets across Canada.
Trevor Blakely
Chief Executive Officer
Stefan Simonyi
President, Mortgage Investments
Searl Kibel
Executive Vice President, Asset Management
Paul D’Amario
Chief Financial Officer
Matthew Ortved
VP, Development
Pete Ivanovic
Senior Director, Mortgage Investments
Adam Palmer
AVP, Asset Management
Ian Thompson
Senior Director, Asset Management
Kristen Joyce-Dickey
Associate Director, Mortgage Operations
Andrew McColl
Director, Finance
Apeksha Prashar
Senior Analyst, Finance
Victoria Murphy
Associate Director, Finance
Kyle Lee
Associate, Investments
Sheldon DiCarmine Dobsi
Associate, Investments
Deborah Marinelli
Executive Assistant
Adam Bensimon
Senior Analyst, Asset Management
Patrick Yau
Analyst, Asset Management